17 Epic Spelling & Grammar Fails You Won’t Believe People Actually Make


Some people find grammar as difficult and confusing as algebra or the laws of physics. And regardless of how many years they have spent working on their English skills the keep on making some mistakes that annoy some grammar freaks (like the ones we have on our team).

Let’s admit it, it is not easy to remember every single rule – especially those that do no make (ANY) sense. But it is good to learn from our mistakes and those that other people make, and prevent making grammatical errors in the future.

Well, occasionally, some mistakes can slip by, so that we can have articles like this one.

1. Your grammar has been an issue, too. 

2. So many souvenirs…

3. Why don’t you just write WC?

4. May I borrow your tongue? I ran out of tissue paper.

5. Poor little children.

6. How do you do that?

7. Punctuate people.

8.That’s how violators should be treated.

9. Don’t you want one of those rapping presents?

10. We didn’t really learn that lesson.


12. The poor English of some Facebook users leads to a new trend in fashion.

13. So do you want that, baby?

14. Your campus knows how to write.

15. Come on, Bill and Alvin, you need a comma on your cover.

16.Shush, we are smoking here.

17. Japapenis Chicken & Poopers to go, please!



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