19 Tattoo Fails That Will Make You Cringe Hard


When you get a tattoo, tattoo artists are happy because you are supporting their art and their pockets. But sometimes they too even get terrible requests they just have to ask twice, three times, even ten times if their client is sure. Sometimes they horribly fail at it as well.

Are you ready to cringe? Let these tattoos be a warning to you if you want to get inked!

1. That’s gonna be difficult to remove even with laser

2. I’m guessing the tattoo artist sked this person several times if he was sure

3. Forever a lover of Jagerbomb

4. And this woman is really proud of her cooch LOL

5. A shitting giraffe? Good idea

6. That’s disgusting LMAO

7. Okay this one is actually creative

8. Embrace the typo, no ragrets!

9. At least if they ever breakup their tattoo is hidden

10. That’s gotta be one of the scariest tattoo I’ve ever seen

11. Now this is funny

12. You get what you pay for

13. Good luck finding a job?

14. This tattoo is so edgy LOL

15. I bet you $100 she loves ice cream

16. That’s a creative use of your bellybutton

17. AAAhhhhhhhhh

18. Worst tattoo ever in the history of all tattoos

19. Of all the tattoos you can get, why a shitting person?