10 Funny Dog Shaming Photos That Are Absolutely Paws-tively Adorable


The following dog shaming photos are absolutely adorable. They showcase some of the world’s cutest dogs moments after the dogs have committed a “crime” or misdeed.

These animals messed up, and their owners just won’t let them live it down! Shaming is meant for all the internet to see to what kind of shenanigans has your dog been at.

The photos remind us how silly and still lovely our dogs can be!

DID YOU KNOW? Dogs don’t feel shame. They just exhibit submissive behavior when they feel they are the focus of negative attention. They really don’t care one wit about what they did, only that you’re mad.

1.dog shaming

2.dog shaming

3.dog shaming

4. dog shaming
5.dog shaming
6.dog shaming
7.dog shaming
8.dog shaming
9.dog shaming
10.dog shaming

BONUS 11. Because we couldn’t get enough of our cute furry friends. dog shaming

Sometimes man’s best friend eats all your food… or your shoes…

What’s the worst/cutest thing your dog does?