11 Situations Where Your Neighbours Are More Worried Than Your Parents In India

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Regardless of the democracy in our country, we are always worried about ‘chaar log kya kahenge’. I have always been on hunt to find out who are these chaar log, and finally landed scratching one answer among them. They are no one but your highly engrossed, beautifully cultured and vulnerably troubled and lovable neighbours. Well, you might have even taken certain decision not for yourself, but just for your neighbours and relatives.

Here are certain situations where neighbours are more worried than parents.

1. And this time you are appearing for your SSC or HSC, so it would always be your neighbours who always keep advising you to study well and seem to be more tense about your marks.


Yash Raj


2. When you have a function in your family, they secretly wanted to know about the arrangements and the budget you are willing to spend.



3. When you get a new job, they are more worried about your salaries and future promotion.



4. And that moment when you dress up in a hot chick red dress, they want to know where you are actually going tonight.




5. You might have observed your neighbours are more curious to know more about your family discussions and matter!


6. Oh hell! Have an elder sister in your family? More than your parents they are worried about the groom you will find in future.



7. They can’t relax without knowing how much marks you have scored in your exams.



8. Today is Monday, and you are all way sitting and relaxing back at home! What’s next? Your neighbours are irresistible and want to think on what makes you sit back home on this working day.


Yash Raj


9. So, talking to your college boy friends? Oh damn! This can take away your neighbour’s sleep until she knows what he meant to do exactly!



10. Do you own a fancy car more luxurious and expensive than theirs? Oh! There perception for your beloved car can skew your heads.



11. So are you a fresher and trying to find a safe job? This can be the most difficult phase when these chaar log come and query you about the job, one among them are your NEIGHBOURS!


However, staying with neighbours is really fun, as they form a small part of your life and family.