‘No Facebook, No Birthday Celebrations’ – This College In Chennai Has Bizarre Instructions For Girls


Those girls who are planning to get admitted to Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai, better change their wardrobe, deactivate their facebook account and uninstall their WhatsApp as soon as possible.

Here, a very special instructions for girls from Sri Sairam management have some nerve wrecking ‘NOT TO DO’ list which can make you feel worst than living in a jail. So, why not you just make yourself prepared for this long list.

If you have been flaunting your beautifully coloured hair, just forget it and make a habit of tying it tight because no “Lose Hair” please.

You can’t talk to boys at all because you will fall in love with them instantly.

Your birthday will be celebrated after four years even if you were not born on February 29.

You have to wear clothes only designed by the college. So, try changing colour of your dress because you can’t wear the same dress everyday.

Legging and transparent dupatta can make you too sexy which is not allowed.

They are against BIG size. NO big watch, NO big ring.

Having an account on facebook is a crime. So mind it.

You need a reason to walk in the corridors.

Sharing sweets, chocolates, cakes, books, or dress with your friends is strictly prohibited.

And the list goes on…

Engineering is already a pain and the list seems to give more wound. All the best!