This Teacher Goes To School Everyday With This Tyre-Tube, And When I Found Out Why, I Respect Him.


Syed Ahmad like any other teacher wakes up early in the morning, packs his bag, and gets ready for the school. But unlike others, one thing he really can’t miss to carry is his favorite tyre-tube which he uses as a ‘boat’.

Syed Ahmad is a teacher at Haoreibi Junior High School in north-eastern state Manipur. While people commute by train, buses and two-wheelers to reach the workplace, Syed has his own unique and amazing way of commuting. He goes to school everyday by riding his tyre boat because his school is located at the other side of the river bank. By crossing the river, it takes him only two mins to reach the school and saves him around forty five mins which he might take by riding the cycle all the way. It is a life risking activity (especially during rainy season) but his confidence had helped him attempt everyday.

So, you have been complaining about all those Monday blues, about those five mins traffic jam or those crowded trains/buses? See the spirit of this teacher and relax!



Let’s zoom in! So, you think it is easy? No. This big tyre-tube is quiet heavy because he has completely modified it and turned it into a boat.

Can you see a big green bucket tight with the rope in the middle of the tyre? This is where he sits comfortably. Engineering skill apart from teaching!  And he also has to pack his books and other accessories in a waterproof bag. Quite a task!



There he goes! Boating on the river to reach his destination where hundreds of kids will be waiting for him in a classroom. A teacher not only knows how to teach, but also how to boat.



See how he sails the boat using his hands. KUDOS to this brave and dedicated teacher.


The End.