20 Hilarious Quick Love Notes That Will Crack You Up


What a better way to put a smile on your partner’s face than a hilarious love note that may even crack him or her up? We all know that after some time spent together with your loved one it is only natural to enter into some kind of routine. Being creative and funny with some love notes is always a good way to stir up everyday life and make your partner think about you as the day the two of you first fell in love. Take a look at our funny love notes and share a laugh!

These are intended for a loved one, but you can choose to share them with whomever you please!

funny love letters

#1 “Darling, I know your love is unconditional even when I snore like a bear, but here are some earplugs to make your life easier!”

What a fun way to show you are thinking about your partner’s well-being.

funny love notes

#2 “Sweetie, no matter what the scales show I still love to cuddle you all night long.”

That’s what we call unconditional love!

#3 “Honey, I love you so much. I also loved the huge house on the beach and expensive car…too bad I woke up!”

Would you like your husband to do better? Think of rather funny ways to motivate him!

love notes

#4 “Good morning, hubby. Please, don’t be against our marriage. Is it that hard to just always do what your wife says?”

Men, if you want your wife to be happy, just agree with everything she says, even if you don’t quite believe it. A happy wife is a guaranteed recipe for a happy husband. 😉

#5 “Honey, I ‘m sorry you didn’t like my meal last night. I kind of feel bad for you!”

Way to go! Some confidence never hurt anybody.

funny love notes

#6 “My love, you know you said you’d show me the world? May I please see all of your text messages?”

Jealousy is not where you want to go in a relationship. It will slowly kill your love.

#7 “My dear Fiancé, I’m so happy for your proposal and wishing to marry again! I’m just wondering what didn’t you get the first time?

After all, we all make mistakes! It is important to learn and not repeat them the next time.

funny love notes

#8 “Honey, I adore you! I know I speak a lot, but can you try to listen more?”

Oh, women! We talk way too much, but honestly if men listened more maybe we would talk less?

#9 “Babe, if you feel alone while I’m gone play a horror movie. Give it a few minutes and you won’t feel lonely anymore!”

It seems a book might be the better option!

love letter

#10 “I loved that you moved in with me. I just don’t like having to shower every day!”

We cannot stress enough on the importance of personal hygiene, especially when in a relationship.

#11 “Hun, you look kind of happy these days. Are you sure we are still together?”

That’s right! If your partner suddenly seems too excited it’s only natural to start wondering why!

love notes

#12 “I love you! I do. If you think I’m crazy then stop pissing me off, because all of your doubts will disappear.”

The last thing you want to deal with is a crazy woman in sight.

#13 “Babe, I know investing in 200 grams of chocolate that give you 2 extra kilograms sounds like a great idea, but maybe you should re-evaluate your strategy?

Giving up chocolate?! No way! Some people would rather give up the relationship. 😃

love lock

#14 “Can you please love me as much as I like to eat? Yours forever!”

Some people live to eat, not the other way around. Just let them be!

#15 “Hubby, you keep saying you understand me perfectly, but can you please explain it to me as well?”

Have you met a woman who knows what she wants?

#16 “I adore every part of you. Can you just try to keep your hair extensions on your head?”

Ladies, men have weak hearts. Don’t stress them out that much!

#17 “I know you will enjoy my business trip very much, but I’ll still miss you a lot!”

At the end of the day, we all need some time to ourselves. A little bit of separation can be very beneficial to your relationship.

Funny I Love You Pics

#18 “Honey, you made me lose my mind, but I’ll never lose my appetite. Can you please start cooking?”

Do you also think the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? 😃

#19 “I’m so in love with you I can feel the butterflies in my stomach. Too bad I can also feel my common sense flying out of my brain!”

You know what they say “love is blind”. Try to keep your head clear 😉.

love notes

#20 “You are my soulmate. I apologize for being best at it while I sleep.”

Don’t judge them too much. They are just men!

Did we manage to give you some fun ideas on how to spice up your love life? If yes, please share and comment below.

When you can’t find the words to say, sometimes it’s best to just show someone how you feel. These quick love notes are hilarious and sweet, and will make your partner laugh out loud while brightening their day. Whether you want to wish them a good morning or send congratulations on a job well done, these quick love notes have got you covered.

Thank you 😊