19 Indians Who Won The Internet With Their Really Funny & Witty Comments

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Funny comments on photos… funny comments on Facebook & Twitter… Epic picture comments in English by Indians…

I am sure there must be at least one person in your group, be it in college or in the workplace whose presence is always a fun-filled because of their funny dialogues and witty comments regarding any topic.

Not everyone is blessed with a sharp mind like theirs. People say it is easy to make someone cry but making a person laugh is not at all easy. But online, some funny Indians came up with such hilarious and sarcastic comments on Facebook, Twitter, and in various forums, that they successfully make us go LOL. These people definitely won the Internet with their funny comments.

1. This man deserves a Sahitya Academy Award more than Chetan Bhagat for his tweet.

funny comments


2. When a dude asked for a feedback on his writing skills, he got something unexpected.

funny comments


3. Ha ha. cute.

funny comments


4. This truck driver reminded Bhai what ‘humanity’ is.

funny comments


5. But unfortunately it didn’t fall.

funny comments


6. Kalpanic ladka with his kalpanic marks. 🙂

funny comments


7.  When ‘caste’ ruins the fate of a student more than their ‘less marks’ in exams.

funny comments


8. And when everyone on Twitter thought Modi smoked and tweeted this…

funny comments


9. This funny comment when Anushka Sharma got APJ Abdul Kalam’s name wrong…three times.



10. When Akhilesh Yadav begged his followers to watch his interview.

funny comments


11. When a popular sport news site forgot to specify what they really wanted to ask.

funny comments


12. When Flipkart got trolled…

funny comments


13. Again…



14. And that moment when a comment gets more likes than the status itself.

Rahul Gandhi funny comments


15. Hilarious but true that…

funny comments


16. When Skrillex visited India and shared a photo on Facebook.

funny comments


17. That’s one really funny Internet Explorer joke.



18. When Mark Zuckerberg announced the news of Facebook buying Oculus on his site…



19. And when Narendra Modi and Mark Zuckerberg did a Q&A together, this is the best question they got.