20 Dog Snaps To Help Lower Your Stress Level


Rejoice dog lovers of the world. While you probably won’t be famous like many artists, the chances of your dog being a superstar on the internet is high. Just take a look at these 20 dogs that have mastered the art of being an online celebrity.

If you are having a tough week, lower your stress level with these cute and funny snaps of dogs!

1. Eyebrows on fleek?

2. This is the purest form of joy I can imagine

3. But not all dogs are happy

4. Some are always anxious

5. But some don’t realize the funny things in front of them

6. Oh god no, the dog version of The Human Centipede

7. He looks like he just went full Super Saiyan to me

8. Suspicious dog is suspicious

9. If this isn’t the cutest thing you’ll see today I don’t know what is

10. It’s a golden opportunity to test that water

11. Same, dog, same. My mouth bubbles too

12. “Hello, sir, time for rubs?”

13. He wants to be an only child.

14. Is anyone going to tell him?

15. This fairy of a dog is so zen

16. “I smell food, is that food? Give me food!”

17. “Hello, sir, have you seen my balls? They look exactly like this.”

18. Near, far, wherever you are…

19. Well, that dog is a stud

20. Shiba Inu stuck in fence, still had a nice day