15 Beautiful Photos of India That You Will Definitely Appreciate


Many people from other countries visit India because of its culture and people, and for us who were born and live in this place it is sometimes difficult to see and appreciate the beauty of it. Here are some photographs of India that will help you appreciate it even more, its culture and people. 🙂

1. Indian women in a dust storm

2. Gulabi Gang who beat abusive husbands with sticks

3. French boy introduces himself to Indian soldiers in France, September 30, 1914

Technically not a photo taken in India, but this is too precious not to add.

4. White guy in an Indian wedding

5. Statue of Shiva in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand

6. Paying last respects to an elephant hit by a train

7. Sreesanth weighed against bananas

8. Drought in 2016

9. School teachers teaching homeless kids

10. Aishwarya Rai wearing traditional Indian dress

11. Indian snake charmer that looks like James Franco

12. If Belle in Beauty and the Beast was Indian

13. Indian Border Security Force in Jammu and Kashmir

14. A colorful gathering

15. Fire-breathing performer in Charminar during the Hindu festival Bonalu