18 Hilarious People Who Got No Chill


Some people have had enough of life and they no longer have any f*ck to give. And because of that they become super hilarious when they deal with people. Some might get offended, some might cry in laughter, but one thing’s for sure: these people have no chill in life anymore.

1. His expression too

2. Grandmothers are straight to the point it hurts

3. Linda burned him to the ground

4. Gordon Ramsay is the epitome of no chill

5. Hell, I’d do more than that for half the amount LOL

6. Ricky Gervais gets it

7. I should probably donate my ex’s stuff too lol

8. Believe it or not some of the most wittiest tweets online are from Pornhub accounts

9. Oooo damn wit hthe burn

10. Google Photos has no chill

11. At least God answered

12. The actual Fantastic Four movie sucked big time lmao

13. No one can escape

14. That’s a nice placement for an ad, Facebook

15. Barbara has got no chill

16. It’s definitely an upgrade

17. Women have no chill when it comes to men cheating on them

18. That’s so harsh, Magikarp