You’ve Believed These 10 Things About Women. But You’re Totally Wrong.


There are some misconceptions about women that exist without any logical reason. Our choices, our lifestyle, our character and what not are assumed to be something which it might not even be close to. Since the beginning, girls only play with dolls because playing with action figures would go against their femininity. And hey! they have a character to maintain right? All sensitive and pretty?  Here are the top ten half truths we all have about women:

1. Girls are always associated with pink color. And that’s total nonsense. 

Stahp it! Not all of us are obsessed with anything that is pink. Even as babies, blue was always a boy’s color and pink a girl’s. Ridiculous. Some of us don’t want to be adorned in shiny, shimmery things.



2.Vodka is a woman’s drink: Ummm… No.

Not denying the fact that for some of us, it is a favorite but one can’t just put a label on it. Bring on whiskey on the rocks and let’s cheers to that!



3. ‘She’s angry. Must be on her period.’

Yes, I understand we are on an emotional roller coaster when we are on our periods, but dude that cannot just be a standard reason for any emotions that we go through. We can be happy, sad, irritated even if it’s not that time of the month.



4. Girls are bad drivers.

This is a common phrase that you hear. Women cant drive? Since when did gender become the basis of evaluating driving skills?



5. And some stupid people think that we are always brand conscious. Seriously?

For some of us, style statement is not much of an issue. More than half of the clothes we own are from Sarojini or Janpath. Because if you can find the same clothes as branded clothes at a lesser price, why not be practical and economical?



6. Girls don’t ask guys out.

This is not entirely true. Some girls don’t daydream about their ‘prince charming’ and they do make the first move.



7. Girls are attracted to mysterious, bad boys.

It is a misconception that most of the women are head over heels lusting for boys with dark and mysterious personalities. We are not all Bella Swan smitten by an ‘Edward Cullen’ who only makes her life miserable and leaves her in ‘tween life crisis’.



8. Make-up is a must…NOT.

Some of us don’t like to dress up! We would rather prefer lying down in pyjamas without a care in the world. New nailpaint colors, new lipstick shades? Hey! you are a girl and you must be probably jumping with excitement right now! Nah. Make-up simply does not appeal to some of us. Surprised?



9. Girls would prefer mushy or romantic movies/books.

Wrong. Some of us would prefer action packed or gory movies over any movie falling in the Mills and Boon category. ‘Jo aww na kare woh awwrat nahi’ does not suit us.



10. Women are not meant for physical work.

‘Don’t lift this, you will strain yourself’ – If you are a girl, this is one statement that we have heard at least once in our life. We can go all MC Mary Kom on you if you called us ‘touch me nots’ and ‘weak’.