The 10 Ugliest Engagement Rings Ever Made That Can Leave Any Woman Speechless


During the weekend or during the holidays, one of my favorite thing to do when I am bored is to troll the #HeDidGood tag on Instagram and look at all the shit gifts people got  and the ugliest engagement rings. Some people are extremely good at buying shitty products that don’t make for good presents.

They either have no taste or have a really good sense of humor.

Take engagement rings as an example. Here are some of the ugliest engagement rings  that have ever been given to a lady. Do you think she said “YES”?

According to a recent post by DailyMail “Women expect a pricey engagement ring if their partner is UGLY to compensate for their poor looks. ”

But what should a woman think when she gets an ugly ring? What does it compensate for?

What happens if a person doesn’t like their engagement ring? Do they return it? Do they wear an ugly ring for the rest of their life? D:


1.  Sometimes the ugliest women come through with gorgeous engagement rings… Sigh. I don’t get it.
ugly engagement ring
2.  Why do some of people have the ugliest promise/engagement rings? Why do they wanna do that to themselves?
ugly engagement ring
3. “Thanks to everyone getting engaged lately, I’ve been having dreams where I get the ugliest engagement rings.” -@spookatay
ugly engagement ring
4. “The people with the ugliest babies and engagement rings are the ones who post about them all the time.” – @ccccccarolinehi
ugly engagement ring
5. “Some of these engagement rings are the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. Lucky for them it’s symbolism.”
ugly engagement ring
6. “The ugliest engagement rings are those that look like chunks of ice on your finger.” – Morgan Jerkings
ugly engagement ring
7. “Celebrities get the ugliest engagement rings.. buying the biggest most expensive one because they have money but looks like a cereal box toy”-via  Spooky baby
ugly engagement ring
8. “The best part about “The World’s Ugliest Engagement Rings”? The winner gets a brand new ring from Tacori…”
ugly engagement ring
9. “The ugliest chicks have the prettiest engagement rings.” Would you agree?
ugly engagement ring
10. Is this love?ugly engagement ring


As you can see, not all engagement rings are created equal. Some are expensive, while others are cheap – some are beautiful, while others are hideous. No two rings are ever the same. There is always some variation in price, design, and quality.

However, some rings are just so terrible that they’re unforgettable. These rings were made with lower-quality materials, they’re not unique to the couple’s style or taste, or they simply look terrible on an average person’s hand.

Such ugly engagement rings can get any woman excited about avoiding them.