These Are The 10 Professions Indian Parents Never Want Their Kids To Pursue. But Why?


As kids we were always free to do anything but while growing up, all kinds of rules were imposed on us and hence we lost the freedom to be ourselves. We started chasing the rat race and got stuck in between because nobody taught us to do what you love. Our parents gave us the obvious three options; Engineer, Doctor or C.A. and we choose the one which suited our IQ and finally suffered. Here are the few professions your parents didn’t want you to pursue…

1. Writer

Been there, seen that. Someone wisely quoted “Anybody can become a writer but not everyone can become a chartered accountant”. And that “someone” is your mother. Being a writer is not easy. It involves creative skills and not everyone can master it. True story!


UTV via Moifightclub


2. Bodybuilder/Gym Trainer

“Anyone who hits the gym regularly is a bodybuilder…Get a real job dude” ——– Your Neighbour

You probably have watched every episode of “Mr Olympia” and eagerly waited for a shirtless scene in every Salman’s Khan Movie. Body building runs in your genes and that “genes” motivate you to push your body every day. In India, it is still not considered a respectable profession but when your guts pump you to make a career in it, nobody can stop you…


3. Veterinary

Let’s accept it. You love animals and feel a strong emotional connect with them. Though it is one of the toughest professions to go after but passion colors everything.


4. Hairstylist

You parents believe that this profession is the “FINAL HOPE” for all the unemployed people. If you love doing hair, just remind them how much a celebrity hairstylist earns in a day…nearly 10,000 bucks. Do your dream job and money will come. It always does!!


5. Tattoo Artist

Tattooing is just another art form. It is one of the fastest growing industries in India. Now a days, people want their tattoos to expose who they are and what they are thinking. Convincing your parents for this may be a tough nut to crack but if you do well in it, they might just support you.


6. Photographer

You are one of those freaks who saved his entire pocket money for a year to buy DSLR camera. Just remember how Farhan convinced his father in 3 idiots, rehearse those dialogues and they might work…



7. Stand Up Comedian

When you first told your parents that you wanted to be a Stand up comedian, they laughed as if it was the funniest joke of the century. But who would convince them that comedy is a serious business and entertaining people is a tough job. You can make anybody cry but it is hard to make someone laugh.


8. Psychologist

Life is a mental game and not everyone is prepared for it. People think that only psychos are eligible to pursue this profession. Just ignore them. With increasing mental disorders among youth, this is probably the most booming industry…


9. Bartender

No need to sit at one place for long 8 hours. Meeting interesting people from all walks of life and exercising your cocktail creation skills- What more you can ask for!. All you need is zest for this industry…


10. Independent Party Leader

Being a student leader in your college days motivated you to form your own party and make a change. It requires lot of courage to become a political leader, keeping in mind how dangerous this profession is…

Choose a career where your talent lies and you will never get tired of you job.