10 Crazy Questions You Start Asking Yourself Once You Turn 25


So, let me guess. Whenever you couldn’t answer a question in your school test, what did you used to do? Re-read the chapter or look for the answer key to guide you. But life is the toughest test and there is no perfect answer to anything. When you reach your mid-twenties, all sorts of crazy questions baffle you and strangely only time can answer them. Here are the lists of questions you ask yourself everyday…

1. Am I dating the right “One”? 

We met. We clicked. We dated. And the complications began. 25 is still too young to decide the “One”. Also our raging hormones are pretty busy in discovering our true self, so it’s better to give your relationship more time to figure out the answer…



2. Will my relationship last?

It’s the scariest question of all time. Not every story gets a Bollywood ending. A relationship is a tricky ride; you never know what’s in store for you. Just take one step at a time and stop dreaming about the future…


YRF/Shuddh Desi Romance


3. And in case you are single, then your morning starts with the silent prayer…

“Bhagwan meri girlfriend kab banegi ?”

God has locked you in the waiting zone for past 25 years. Being single is completely boring and jealousy drowns when you “LIKE” your best friend’s girlfriend new profile pic. You are just waiting for the day when this “Single” tag will be removed…


Fukreh via Buzzintown


4. And if you are one of those broken hearted, then the most probable question would be…

When will I move on?

Your “Devdas” period is still not over. You listened to “Move On” song a million times and even read the book titled “100 Ways To forget your past” but nothing seems to change. Time is the best healer. Keep going !!!



5. Am I on the right path or not?

You wanted to be an entrepreneur but your parents urged you to get a 9 to 5 job. You silence your heart everyday and follow what mind orders you. But a day will come, when you won’t be able to ignore your heart…


Vinod Chopra Films/3 Idiots


6. When should I get Married ? 28 ??? 29 ?? OR Never ??

Our mediocre society pressurizes us to marry as soon as we hit 25. It is hard to make them realize that there is no ideal age for it. But today’s generation is ready with their counter attack and won’t marry just for the sake of it…


Dharma Production via Deccan Chronicle


7. When will I buy this?

Speed defines everything. It may sound a bit materialistic but who doesn’t want to own a Ferrari ? Speeding at 350km/hr on a highway at 5 A.M. That’s your ultimate “Feel aa gayi” moment…


8. Why life is so unfair?

Life is unfair but you got to learn to deal with it. You opened the facebook profile and one of your rich friends, who couldn’t complete his graduation, updated his status “On the tour again…Europe this time”, while you were busy sweating in your Non A.C cabin after a long day at work…



9. Main Aisa Kyun hun?

Yeah! There are days when you feel insecure about yourself. Why I behave like this? Why I think differently? Why I am so shy? Such questions regularly haunt you. But at the end of the day, you can’t change yourself no matter how hard you try.



10. How can I change the world?

You got too busy in solving your personal problems, that you hardly question the purpose of your existence. The day you realize the reason, nothing else will matter…