10 Clever Sherlock Quotes That Twist Facts To Suit Theories & Keep You Puzzled


Sherlock Holmes is one of the most memorable characters fromĀ  fiction works and detective stories.

It is really impressive how he can make concrete conclusions about a difficult case: just a few seconds of conversations and a very careful observation of the situations and the participants in them helps him solve any mystery.

With this collection of 10 clever Sherlock quotes, we express our admiration for this unique character.

1.When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
Sherlock Quotes

2. John, you have endured war and injury and tragic loss – so sorry again about that last one – so know this;

today you sit between the woman you have made your wife and the man you have saved.

In short, the two people who love you most in all this world.

And I know I speak for Mary as well when I say we will never let you down and we have a lifetime ahead to prove that.
Sherlock Quotes

3. Fear is wisdom in the face of danger, it is nothing to be ashamed of.
Sherlock Quotes

4. Every great cause has martyrs. Every war has suicide missions and make no mistake, this is war.

One half of the human race at war with the other. The invisible army hovering at our elbow, tending to our homes, raising our children. Ignored, patronised, disregarded.

Not allowed so much as a vote. But an army nonetheless, ready to rise up in the best of causes. To put right an injustice as old as humanity itself.

So you see, Watson, Mycroft was right. This is a war we must lose.
Sherlock Quotes

5. Jim Moriarty: I will BURN you. I will burn the Heart Out of You.
Sherlock Quotes

6. Please don’t talk out loud Anderson, you lower the IQ of the entire street.
Sherlock Quotes

7. Madam Simza Heron : What do You see Mr. Holmes ?
Sherlock Holmes : Everything. That’s my curse.
Sherlock Quotes

8. Sherlock: I’ve always assumed love is a dangerous disadvantage.
Sherlock Quotes

9.Sherlock : Thank you. For the final proof.
Irene Adler : Everything I said. It’s not real. I was just playing the game.
Sherlock : I know . And this is just losing.
Sherlock Quotes

10.There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.

Sherlock Quotes