21 Reasons To Have Sex That Can Elevate Your Good Intentions To A New Level


In July 2007, two psychologists at the University of Texas- Austin announced the results of their research on reasons people make to have sex.

Cindy Meston and David Buss assembled a list of more than 237 original reasons out of more than 2,000 responses.  Here are the 21 best reasons to have sex.

1. Revenge.

2. Pity.

3. No particular place to go.

4. She was locked out.

5. I’m upset and want to get back at my sister.

6. Not fond of abstinence.

7.  Peer pressure.

8. Venus in Aquarius

9. Daylight savings.

10. I’m a giver.

11. Beats texting.

12. Just one bed.

13. For the good old times.


14. Aerobics.

15. Changing an apartment or moving to a non-adjacent city.

16. Pressure at work.

17. Relaxation technique.

18. Finals.


19. The only thing that works for migraines.

20. Natural order.

21. Couldn’t sleep.