15 Hilarious Tweets from Super Dads That Disclose Their Untraditional Parental Secrets


Some people claim that parenthood is tough because it makes us stressed and overwhelmed.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Parenthood might not be fun all the time but it comes with many pleasures and awards.

If you have children or if you’re planning for parenthood, have a look at these 15 funny dad tweets & see for yourself that it’s easy to manage the stress of raising children with a good sense of humor.

1. A good night sleep with a clown mask

2. PB&J with no crust

3. Where’s the baby?

4. My twin daughters are different

5.  The lessons we learn when we try to name a baby

6. On children, lies and good pictures

7. I’ll do anything for my daughter… my kind of anything

8. Let’s talk about drugs

9. Shhh daddy’s playing

10. Daddy, daddy, listen!

11. Put some tape on that burrito

12. The baby & the everything bagel

13. My parenting best

14. We have a prodigy & another one

15. My son’s soccer team coach










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