14 Extremely Disappointing Facts About Today’s Music Culture In India

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Over the years Indian music used especially in Bollywood has changed a lot to reach its current avatar. While the rocking beats might have the youngsters swaying to the music, the fans of old classics continue to find old as gold. Here’s what sets the two apart.

1. The lyrics of most of the current songs would colour your cheeks if sung in the wrong place.

2. The classics relied on instruments along with vocal strength of the singer to dish out superhit numbers. Today, beat is the king.

music culture in india lata

3. Remember playing antakshari and knowing the lyrics of most of the songs? With songs like ‘Palang tod ke’ making the rounds, forgetting the lyrics is easier than remembering them.

music culture in india mika

4. The old music scene relied on subtlety to praise the charms of a woman. The current ones leave nothing to the imagination. Munni badnaam hui, seriously?

music culture in india munni


5. The one-hit wonders of today have taken over the likes of musical albums turned out by Colonial Cousins or Fusion. Nothing original indeed.

music culture in india 90ssong

6. This guy thinks he is the Guru of music when he blatantly ripped off other songs. And yes, he literally said that…

music culture in india AnuMalik

7. It is a challenging job to differentiate between one chartbuster song and another with the same beat being repeated in all.

music culture in india music

Disney via Giphy.com

8. Some songs are so stupid and meaningless that they can leave you scratching your head trying to understand it.

9. Old songs were more about melody and sweetness. The Gen-X ones focus on making you tap your feet. Basically, it’s more about dancing, item numbers and booty shake.

music culture in india katrina

10. Every song can be easily remixed…and remixed again…may be there’s scope for one more remix.

music culture in indiabollyold

11. All your favourite Indipop bands have totally disappeared because of Bollywood. Aryans, Baba Sehgal, StereoNation and Lucky Ali are some of the popular artists who went silent.

music culture in india indipop

12. Then Priyanka Chopra suddenly turned into auto-tune singer and her album ‘In My City’ sold more records than the ones of other talented singers like Alisha Chinai and Shweta Shetty combined.

music culture in india mycity

13. And this guy. The Eminem of India. LOL 🙂

music culture in india yoyo


14. Honey Singh has more fans on Facebook than A.R Rahman. And that says a lot about music in India.

music culture in india singhmeme

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