15 Gordon Ramsay Insults That Are Too Damn Funny


You’ve heard of  Gordon Ramsay, haven’t you? The British celebrity chef, well-known for his cooking skills, tips and techniques and also for his short temper.

He has revealed much of his personality in different Television shows.

We’ve come to know many classic moments of his angry rants and scathing insults but decided to share the most searing Gordon Ramsay insults to dishes.

1. You’re cooking like a donkey!

2. I just want more pumpkin.

3. The crab is singing “Under the Sea”.

4. My gran could do better!

5. So undercooked

6. Everything you serve me is frozen.

7. Hey, Panini head…

8. A really tough decision

9. Hakuna Matata

10. It’s twerking on my plate.

11. I know nothing.

12. The U.S. want to invade

13. About to lose your virginity

14. Stop pissing me off

15. Beef & salad

16. The way Nickelback sounds

17. Honestly, chimichanga



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