19 Damn Funny Tweets That Will Make You ROFL


Why are there so many funny people on Twitter? You can even use some of these to be the life of the party. LOL! Want to learn how to be funny? Just read these tweets and see for yourself!

1. Why would you wear your own self??


3. Like when we’re trying to look at something really hard and we hit the volume down first.

4. Or maybe a portal to another dimension

5. Say: be happy, sad boy instead

6. Cue existential crisis

7. It..uh..it actually makes sense lol

8. Oh no you didn’t!

9. It’s an important moment for me

10. LOL

11. I’ll just die quietly here thank you

12. Almost vegan but cheese is life

13. Uhhhh nice…?

14. Why do new parents insist on saying their baby’s age in months anyway? It’s annoying

15. And it’s only one of them

16. That is how I live life

17. Stop mocking Jay, please

18. It’s my pride, you know

19. Calm down there LOL