9 Gross Things That Your Body Does Which Are Actually Healthy


Most ‘gross‘ bodily functions are normal, or are at least the body’s way of trying to fix an issue. Find out about the 10 grossest things your body is harboring right this minute.

1. Having large bowel movements can be a sign of good health.

2. Going to the bathroom several times a day is good too.

3. Producing earwax, officially known as cerumen helps lubricate and protect the inner ear canal.

4. Excreting vaginal fluid all the live long day come in handy especially if you are trying to conceive or are sexually active.

5. Passing gas, while it may be considered embarrassing, is a perfectly healthy thing to do.

6. Forming thick foot calluses is a sign that your feet are healthy and you have good circulation.

7. Eyes rolling around and move while you’re asleep, if you’re getting the right quantity and quality of sleep, you’ll spend much time in REM.

8. Flaking, shedding skin might be annoying to deal with but this is yet another common body process.

9. Producing boogers gets a bad rap but their presence is a good thing, especially when you are fighting an infection.

Do you know some other odd and gross things that give an indication that you are healthy?