10 Great Castle Quotes That Are Tons of Fun To Read


Castle is a series full of tension, mysteries, romance… in which the best seller author Rick Castle of pulpy crime novels is invited to assist the New York police when a serial killer begins committing copycat crimes based on situations in his books.
Castle and his partner Beckett often find their lives in danger while they are facing some of the toughest crimes in the city.

We have drawn a collection of 10 favorite quotes from this amazing show.

Read them and you can participate if you want to take part in the investigations of some of their investigations and take some valuable life lessons from Castle & Beckett into our real world.

1.Castle to Beckett : Every morning I bring you a cup of coffee, just so I can see a smile on your face. Because I think you are the most remarkable, maddening, challenging, frustrating, person I’ve ever met. And I love you Kate, and if that means anything to you, if you care about me at all, just don’t do this.
Castle Quotes

2. Leo: No. Just a guy that may die tonight realising that life’s short. Trust me. Living your life for now makes a lot more sense than worrying about the future.

Castle: Whether there’s a Santa Claus or not, that’s not why I love Christmas. When I was a kid, no matter how bad things got, my mother always managed to make Christmas Eve magical.

Every year she would put on “The Nutcracker Suite.” And I thought, if she can do that in our tiny apartment when money was tight and we were alone. It gave me hope that things could get better. I love that feeling, that sense of hope. It’s crazy, you know?

On the shortest, darkest days of the year, people of all faiths celebrate the light. Plus, who doesn’t love presents?
Castle Quotes

3.Castle to Beckett: You know, I still remember when Alexis was born, they handed me this tiny person, all bundled up. She just stared up at me.

And when I looked down at her, this feeling hit me, like I’d been struck by lightning. It was love. That instant, inexplicable love you can only feel for your child. In that moment, I knew. I knew my life had changed forever. And now it’s about to change again.
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4.Castle to Beckett : Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing. Just because we haven’t figured it out yet doesn’t mean we won’t.
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5.Castle: The moment we met, my life became extraordinary. You taught me more about myself than I knew there was to learn. You are the joy in my heart.

You are the last person I want to see every night before I close my eyes. I love you, Katherine Beckett, and the mystery of you is the one I want to spend the rest of my life exploring.

I promise to love you, to be your friend and your partner in crime and life till death do us part, and for the time of our lives.
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6. Don’t ruin my story with your logic.
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7. Castle: How do you know you’re in love?
Beckett: all the songs make sense.
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8. Castle: Do I look like a killer to u? (in his usual Castle charm)
Beckett: Yes. You kill my patience.
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9. Given how you’re feeling so bad about your 200-buck phone you might want to pick up that 3-million dollar briefcase
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10.”Cuff me once, shame on you. Cuff me twice, shame on me.”