The World’s Best Origami Artists – See Their Works!


The art of origami is a fascinating thing to behold, it transforms simple pieces of paper into life-like creations – and sometimes even better. It’s an intricate form of art that takes hundreds to of hours to practice, many give up on this ordeal but those who push and strive for their craft definitely succeed and make it big.

Works of Hoang Tien Quyet

1. Roaring Lion

2. Lambs just casually strolling

3. Rats who are up to some scheming

4. Japanese red fox

5. Elegant mother mouse and her kittens

6. Rooster preparing for the morning

7. Majestic stallion ready for action

8. A praying mantis waiting for its prey

Works of Nguyen Hung Cuong

9. A proud gorilla (RIP Harambe)

10. Scorpion and viper locked in combat

11. Horse made of paper money

12. A flower baring its beauty

13. A falcon about to snag its prey

14. A moth casually relaxing

15. Angry Great White Shark

If you wish to learn the art of origami head over to YouTube user Learn2Origami, they have a lot of useful tutorials everyone can follow.

Have fun!