15 Smart And Funny Animals You’ll See Only In India


Some animals are adorable, some are funny, and some are idiotic but these animals I found are incredibly smart and they all don’t behave like animals. Cows behaving like pet dogs, seriously?

Here are fifteen pictures of cute and intelligent animals that will tickle your funny bone. Awww!

1. How did this dog get there on top?



2. This cow who wants to go home by bus.

Sorry cows, buses are for humans only.



3. And this one likes to ride home by autorickshaw.

How is that possible? Men at background wonder, everyone wonders!



4. This elephant who poops like human.

And there is a separate loo for him.



5. And some elephants wear stylish clothes. Like this…

Imagine the amount of effort the designer/tailor might have put on stitching his dresses.



6. And some of them are too friendly.



7. Wait, this is not elephant. This is buffalo, he wants to become an elephant.



8. His name is ‘Cowpet’. And his master treats him like a pet dog.



9. So you think donkeys are stupid and not too friendly? This one is exceptional.



10. This dog who is really concerned about our safety. Go home dog, that is not your job.

dogtraffic (1)


11. Is he wearing goggles?


Image via coolpictures.in


12. Some villain monkeys in teamwork trying to steal something.

This is why I don’t like monkeys. Idiots!



13. But this one is cute.  For a moment, he forgot that he is actually a monkey.

Sitting on a bike like a boss.



14. This bear cub who falls in love with this man and his family.

Who says wild animals can’t be tamed with love? His name is Buddu, he became a part of  the family in a village called Lakhapada when one day Buddu got lost and joined them. Like a baby, Buddu was treated with love and given all the food he wants. Unfortunately, the bonding didn’t last long. Buddu was taken away to the zoo by some morons from The Forest Department.


Image via AFP


15. And here is the smartest of all. Oh my goat!