11 Funny Twitter Profiles That Deserve A Big Number of Loyal Followers


The bio is usually the first thing that people consider when they decide to follow your Twitter account. Unless we are talking about your mother, who has looked and followed your twitter account on purpose so that she can stay updated about the most recent updates from your life.

So if you are considering creating a Twitter account or making some cosmetic changes to your Twitter bio, make sure that after reading your bio people will have the feeling that they need to know more about you and the things you do.

The bios that we present you today are extremely hilarious but they also create that feeling that you need to follow this person and their tweet posts.

Perhaps, their current Twitter biographies have also gone through at least a couple of re-writing until they have become so awesome, but obviously … they have done a great job at getting more followers on Twitter and making increasing the public awareness of what personality or organization stays behind that (sometimes awkward) twitter account and brand name.

They prove that your Twitter profile can become one of the most prominent descriptions of you on the web. So do take some time to consider various ideas as to how your bio can shine and how you can become a desirable target for followers inside and outside the social network.


1. @notzuckerberg

2. @aparnapkin

3. @KevinSpacey

4. @Lord_Voldemort7

5. @sixthformpoet

6. @mikeindustries

7. @UberFacts

8. @smashmouth

9. @ElizabethBanks

10. @shondarhimes

11. @robertDowneyJr


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