21 Things That Were Considered Luxury For Indians Who Grew Up In The 90s


So, what were those few things which you considered really a luxury and wanted to own during your childhood? As a kid who grew up poor in the last sane generation of 80s and early 90s, I always wanted my parents to buy me a Hero Ranger bicycle and I also wanted to watch those DD serials on color TV sitting at home every Sunday. Sometimes, I dreamt that my dad drove me to school on scooter. Here are a few things which were considered luxury for many people like me who grew up in the middle class family in India in the 90s..

1. Owning a Heros Hansa or Atlas cycle was considered totally cool and not many kids could get it.



2. A color television set with a cable connection – probably the most luxurious item in every middle class Indian family.



3. Gas stove – your mom used to cook for you everyday in that hazardous kerosene stove before gas stove replaced it.



4. Bajaj Scooter – your dad dropped you to school in his scooter and you felt proud in front of your friends.



5. Luna


6. Birthday cake – Remember, how happy and excited you were when your parents bought lovely cake and invited your friends in your birthday party.



7. Cadbury chocolates – you could not afford more than one or two.




8. And if you are a girl, you surely must have dreamt of buying at least one Barbie Doll which your parents could not afford so easily.


9. Sony walkman – lucky you could own one. You could boss around.



10. Or this – tape recorder. 



11. Or this Casio watch – Trying to get good marks in exams just for this as your parents promised.


Casio vis Manikarthik


12. Branded shoes – they were limited to only two brands – Bata and Liberty

They are still considered the most durable shoes brand.


Bata via MTV


13. And you can’t forget this light up sneakers…



14. Fancy school stationeries – Remember those magnetic Camel compass box and Crayon colors?



15. Eating out in a restaurant with a family or getting an ice cream treat from your dad…occasionally.


16. You always dreamt of flying one day.



17. And you always wanted to take a ride in Ambassador car or Maruti 800.


Maruti via abhisays


18. Video games – you played Super Mario and Contra games at your friend’s house a lot but you wished you owned one for yourself.

Feel proud, if you owned one. 🙂



19. Landline phone – one was enough for the entire joint family.



20. Having 2 rupees note in your pocket was a big deal for you.



21. And I wish I could have this everyday in the morning.


Left image: junktechie


What luxury means for kids these days…


Left image: DNA India; right image: The Hindu/Nagara Gopal


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