10 Bookworm Confessions & Problems That Only Voracious Readers Come To Grips With


Do you consider yourself a bookworm? Do you find it difficult to resist buying new books?

Many people believe that reading is nutritious to their brains and extremely valuable to their everyday life.

However, they often have to deal with major problems like not having enough money to buy books or time to read them them all.

An issue might also be the moment when they have to  switch in between the fantasy and the real world…. or when they do not have enough books to read… or enough sleep…

Here are some other confessions that they make.

1.  Don’t underestimate my power. 

2. Take all my money

3. Mind stories

4. You are the hero of your story.

5. Reading in sarcasm

6. Mission impossible?

7. A world full of magic

8. How much time has passed?

9. Coming back to reality

10. Forced to leave a book

Bonus 11. First world problems  


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