20 Snapchat Stories About Doggos And Puppers


Having a tough day or dreading what tomorrow might bring? Stop for a minute and take a look at these funny doggos and puppers on Snapchat. They will instantly make you feel better and…well, procrastinate more. HAHA

Have fun!

1. Still a happy dog, though!

2. “I want to be an only child again please”

3. “Three is a crowd, brother.”

4. He’s having a ruff time figuring out what he is

5. And I bet it’s going to be a sick and lit AF album

6. Look at that pizza lovingly, bro

7. “I see you, human, I see you.”

8. She looks like she’s been waiting for far too long 🙁

9. What a very polite good boy

10. Are you sure he is not the dog version of the Hulk?

11. Look at how she looks at him, though.

12. Resolution is too low, but we trust you.

13. Doggo must sleep right now

14. Where can I get one done for my pupper?

15. Vacuums are Doggo’s mortal enemy

16. This dog who knows what’s good for you.

17. “What kind of dog is this?” “What kind of baby are you??”

18. Hehehe wiener means penis

19. We need to explore the universe, woof!

20. That look of suspicion.