You Are A Lucky Girl If Your Guy Doesn’t Have These 10 Traits


Finding your prince charming might be easy but it is difficult to judge the man behind the relationship curtain. There might be certain traits which you search in your ideal man. However, you can at least save yourself from being trapped with a wrong man. Here are the ten traits of a guy which can be a big TURN OFF for most of the girls:

1. He is all brawn but no brain.

There has been an old trend of most girls dying for well-built, tall and handsome guy. But an ideal woman would be more attracted to a man who talks sense. Girls like intelligent guys.



2. He watches saas bahu serials and never misses any episode.

Watching those fictional melodramatic saas bahu serials is so girly. I wonder if those men too exist who love to watch saas bahu serial. Yuk! You can thank God if your man is glued to the computer playing games.



3. He is stingy.

Being economical is really good. But, here I am talking about the penny pincher who seldom takes out his wallet when he goes out with friends/girlfriend. Guys, chill! she is not expecting you to shower billion dollar on her but just the willingness to spend would make her happy.



4. He is self-obsessed.

Narcissist man who keeps posting pictures on social networking sites and die for the comments.



5. He is a chatterbox.

A man who can talk the hind leg off the donkey is lame. If your man is on phone with his friend for long discussing daily ups and downs, it can annoy you to hell. Chatty Kathy isn’t a good name for a man anyway.



6. He lies to you.

Do you think you can trust your man  who lies about everything and anything? Do I need to say more?



7. He is a big gossiper.

This is a very typical girly habit. So if your man enjoys bitching about others, then that surely is a matter of concern.



8. He lacks manner.

We seldom hear about gentlewoman but gentleman. Being a gentleman is the best trait of every man. If your man lacks courtesy towards women or is not respectful towards others, then you are with the wrong guy. Think over it.



9. He is a typical mama’s boy.

A real man knows how to balance love between his mom and his partner. But there can be some wimpy men who still can’t stand on his own even after he crosses twenty five and still depend on his mom for every minute thing. Not good for a healthy relationship!



10. And he shows off a lot!

These are those big shots who talk a really big game. C’mon, not all girls are after guys who are best in everything. So, don’t try to create a false picture of yourself. It will rather be disgusting for most girls.