December 2024 Celebrations | Important Dates, Festivals, Events Worldwide


Key Takeaways

  • December is a month brimming with global festivities, including religious, cultural, and fun food-related holidays.
  • Understanding the diverse celebrations can enrich our appreciation of different cultures and traditions.
  • Participating in these events, whether by observing or actively celebrating, can bring joy and a sense of community.
  • From Christmas to Kwanzaa, Hanukkah to Boxing Day, each holiday has unique customs worth exploring.
  • Mark your calendar with these important dates to make the most of the festive season.

What’s Happening in December 2024?

As the year draws to a close, December stands out as a month filled to the brim with celebrations that span across the globe. From time-honored religious rituals to modern-day cultural festivities, December offers a mosaic of events that reflect the world’s rich tapestry of traditions. Let’s dive into the notable dates and holidays that make this month special, and discover how you can join in the festive spirit, no matter where you are.

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Important Dates, Festivals and Events Worldwide in December 2024

December 1

The first of December sets the festive tone with World AIDS Day, a poignant reminder of the global fight against HIV/AIDS and a day to show support for those living with the virus. On a lighter note, it’s also Eat A Red Apple Day, so why not enjoy this healthy snack as a nod to the day? Other notable mentions include Rosa Parks Day, honoring the civil rights icon, and National Pie Day in the United States, a perfect excuse to indulge in a slice of your favorite pie.

Eat A Red Apple Day - December 2024 event, celebration, special holiday.

December 2

On the second day, the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery is observed, acknowledging the ongoing struggle against modern forms of slavery. For pet lovers, it’s also National Mutt Day—a great opportunity to celebrate the love and companionship of mixed-breed dogs. And don’t forget about National Fritters Day, where you can enjoy these delightful fried treats in all their varieties.

December 3

International Day of Persons with Disabilities falls on the third, promoting the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in all spheres of society. To add a personal touch to the month’s festivities, Make a Gift Day encourages us to craft something special for our loved ones. And for those with a sweet tooth, National Apple Pie Day is the perfect time to bake or buy this classic dessert.

December 4

The fourth of December is National Cookie Day in the United States, so get your baking sheets ready and fill your home with the aroma of freshly baked cookies. It’s also a day to raise awareness for the fastest land animal on International Cheetah Day, and to perhaps pair your cookies with a glass of wine on Cabernet Franc Day.

International Cheetah Day - December 2024 event, celebration, special holiday.

December 5

Get ready to channel your inner ninja on International Ninja Day, celebrated on December 5th. It’s also International Volunteer Day, a chance to recognize and appreciate the invaluable contributions of volunteers around the world. And if you’re in the mood for something sweet, it’s National Comfort Food Day—a perfect excuse to savor your favorite comforting dish.

December 6

On December 6th, we honor St. Nicholas’ Day, a festive Christian holiday with particular significance in many European countries. Additionally, National Gazpacho Day invites us to enjoy this refreshing cold soup, while Microwave Oven Day celebrates the convenience and innovation of this essential kitchen appliance.

December 7

International Civil Aviation Day - December 2024 event, celebration, special holiday.

International Civil Aviation Day on December 7th acknowledges the importance of international air travel in connecting the world. For those with a sweet tooth, it’s also National Cotton Candy Day. And let’s not forget to pay tribute to history on National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, commemorating the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

December 8

On December 8, many fans of American football are eagerly awaiting updates and insights about the upcoming Super Bowl 2024. As one of the most watched sporting events in the United States, the Super Bowl garners a lot of excitement and speculation about the teams that will compete, the location of the game, and who will perform in the halftime show.

Embrace the winter season on Winter Flowers Day, and perhaps make or purchase a winter floral arrangement. Foodies can celebrate National Brownie Day by baking or enjoying this beloved chocolatey treat. For the spiritually inclined, Bodhi Day marks the enlightenment of Siddhartha Gautama, the historical Buddha.

December 9

December 9th serves as a reminder of ethical practices with International Anti-Corruption Day. For those with a passion for animal health, it’s also International Day of Veterinary Medicine. And in the kitchen, you can whip up some pastries to celebrate National Pastry Day.

International Veterinary medicine day - December 2024 event, celebration, special holiday.

December 10

A day of global significance, Human Rights Day on December 10th, commemorates the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It’s also a day for book lovers with Dewey Decimal System Day, celebrating the library classification system that organizes knowledge. And for beer enthusiasts, raise a glass on National Lager Day.

December 11

International Mountain Day on the eleventh brings awareness to the importance of mountains to life and the need to protect them. In the spirit of New York City, you can grab a bagel to celebrate Have a Bagel Day. And for a fun twist in the kitchen, try making a noodle ring for National Noodle Ring Day.

When the mountains call, we must answer, and International Mountain Day is a clarion call to protect our planet’s peaks. This day is dedicated to the role of mountains in our lives and the importance of preserving their ecosystems. On a more whimsical note, it’s also Have a Bagel Day, so why not start your morning with a warm, toasted bagel topped with cream cheese or your favorite spread?

Have a bagel day - December 2024 event, celebration, special holiday.

International Mountain Day

Mountains are not just for the adventurous to conquer; they’re the water towers of the world, providing fresh water to over half of humanity. So today, take a moment to appreciate the majesty of mountains and consider supporting conservation efforts. You could even start planning your next hiking trip or a family outing to the nearest hill station.

National Noodle Ring Day

Get your baking pans ready for National Noodle Ring Day. It’s the perfect day to experiment with this quirky, retro dish that’s part pasta, part casserole. Combine cooked noodles with your favorite cheese sauce, bake it in a ring mold, and voila! You’ve got a noodle ring to share.

National Tango Day

Passion takes center stage on National Tango Day. This day celebrates the tango, so it’s the perfect excuse to take a dance class with a friend or loved one. The tango is all about connection and rhythm, so let the music guide you and enjoy the embrace of this timeless dance.

December 12

On the twelfth day of December, we celebrate Gingerbread House Day, a festive activity that brings families together. It’s a day to unleash your creativity as you construct and decorate your own edible winter cottage.

Meanwhile, in Japan, Kanji Day is observed, celebrating the Chinese characters used in the Japanese writing system. It’s an excellent opportunity to appreciate the beauty and complexity of this script.

  • Make your own gingerbread house with a simple kit or from scratch with gingerbread, royal icing, and an assortment of candies.
  • Learn a new kanji character and its meaning to celebrate Kanji Day.

And let’s not forget the sweet and floral National Ambrosia Day, where you can indulge in this fruit salad that’s perfect for the holiday season.

Gingerbread House Day

Nothing says ‘holiday spirit’ quite like constructing a gingerbread house. Gather the family, or invite friends over, and build your gingerbread creations. Use candies, icing, and a little imagination to craft a festive village on your dining room table.

Kanji Day

In Japan, Kanji Day is a celebration of the kanji character that represents the year. Schools and organizations often host competitions to guess the character. Even if you’re not in Japan, why not learn a new kanji character today?

Miracle of the Roses

The Miracle of the Roses is a legend associated with Saint Elizabeth of Portugal and is celebrated in some cultures on this day. It’s a tale of kindness and miracles, where roses are said to have bloomed in winter to protect a secret act of charity.

National Ambrosia Day

  • Whip up a bowl of ambrosia salad by mixing together canned or fresh fruits, mini marshmallows, and coconut in a sweet dressing.
  • Share this delightful dessert with friends and family as a sweet treat or a side dish.

Ambrosia, the food of the gods, is a delightful dessert that’s easy to make. Combine your favorite fruits, some marshmallows, and a dollop of whipped cream to create this heavenly dish.

National Ding-a-Ling Day

It’s time to ring some bells for National Ding-a-Ling Day. This whimsical holiday encourages you to reach out to friends and loved ones you haven’t spoken to in a while. Give them a call and rekindle old connections.

Poinsettia Day

Named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first US minister to Mexico who introduced the plant to the States, Poinsettia Day celebrates this vibrant holiday plant. Today, pick up a poinsettia to brighten your home or office.

Yuletide Lads | Jólasveinar

In Iceland, the thirteen Yuletide Lads or Jólasveinar begin to make their appearances one by one. These mischievous characters bring gifts or play tricks on children, depending on whether they’ve been naughty or nice.

December 13

National Day Of The Horse

National day of the horse - December 2024 event, celebration, special holiday.

Horses have played a vital role in the development of America. Today, take a moment to appreciate these noble animals. If possible, visit a horse farm or watch a documentary to learn more about the bond between humans and horses.

National Hot Cocoa Day

There’s nothing quite like a steaming mug of hot cocoa on a cold day. Today, make your own hot cocoa from scratch, or try out a new flavor. Don’t forget the marshmallows or a peppermint stick for an extra festive touch.

National Popcorn String Day

Popcorn strings are not only a fun craft but also a charming way to decorate your home. Thread some popcorn onto a string, hang it up, and you’ve got a festive garland. Plus, it’s a great way to keep little hands busy during the holiday break.

National Violin Day

Music fills the air on National Violin Day. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a music lover, take some time to listen to or play violin music. The violin’s rich tones are sure to add a touch of elegance to your day.

Santa Lucia Day | Little Yule

In Scandinavia, Santa Lucia Day is a festival of light. Young girls don white dresses and candle-lit wreaths to honor Saint Lucia. Known as Little Yule in some regions, it’s a day of song, processions, and traditional foods like saffron buns.

December 14

For animal enthusiasts, Monkey Day is a chance to celebrate our primate relatives and raise awareness for their conservation. On the culinary side, it’s National Biscuits and Gravy Day in the United States—a day to savor this comforting Southern dish.

Monkey Day | World Monkey Day

Monkeys are not only fascinating creatures but also an essential part of our ecosystems. On Monkey Day, consider supporting organizations that work towards primate conservation. You could also visit a zoo to see these intelligent animals up close.

National Biscuits and Gravy Day

There’s something about biscuits and gravy that just feels like home. This classic dish is a staple in American Southern cuisine. Today, whip up a batch of fluffy biscuits and smother them in savory gravy for a true comfort meal.

National Bouillabaisse Day

Seafood lovers, rejoice! National Bouillabaisse Day is the perfect time to enjoy this traditional French stew. Made with a variety of fish and seasoned with herbs, it’s a flavorful dish that’s sure to warm you up.

National Screwdriver Day

It’s not just a handy tool; on National Screwdriver Day, we celebrate the cocktail made with vodka and orange juice. It’s a simple but refreshing drink that’s easy to make and enjoy.

Roast Chestnuts Day

On Roast Chestnuts Day, why not try your hand at roasting these winter treats? Whether over an open fire or in your oven, roasted chestnuts are a delicious snack that embodies the essence of the season.

December 15

Mid-December brings us Bill of Rights Day, commemorating the ratification of the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution. It’s also International Tea Day, so brew a cup of your favorite tea and take a moment to relax.

Bill of Rights Day

The Bill of Rights is a cornerstone of American democracy, ensuring fundamental rights and freedoms. Take some time to read and reflect on these amendments and the liberties they protect.

International Tea Day

International Tea Day - December 2024 event, celebration, special holiday.

Tea is a beverage enjoyed around the world, and on International Tea Day, we celebrate its cultural significance. Whether you prefer green, black, herbal, or chai, enjoy a cup and perhaps learn about the different tea traditions across the globe.

Koninkrijksdag | Kingdom Day, Netherlands

In the Netherlands, Koninkrijksdag or Kingdom Day marks the signing of the Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It’s a day to celebrate the relationships between the countries that make up the Kingdom.

National Gingerbread Latte Day

Spice up your coffee routine on National Gingerbread Latte Day. This holiday favorite combines the warmth of gingerbread spices with the rich taste of coffee and milk. Treat yourself to one at your local café or make one at home.

National Lemon Cupcake Day

Sweet, tangy, and utterly delightful, National Lemon Cupcake Day is here to brighten your taste buds. Bake a batch of lemon cupcakes and share them with friends, family, or coworkers to spread some cheer.

December 16

Midway through December, we come across Day of Reconciliation, a public holiday in South Africa that promotes national unity and harmony. It’s also a day to get creative in the kitchen with National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day. Dip your favorite fruits, nuts, or even bacon in chocolate for a delectable treat!

Day of Reconciliation

The Day of Reconciliation is a significant day in South Africa, aimed at fostering reconciliation and national unity. It’s a reminder for all of us to reflect on the importance of coming together, setting aside differences, and working towards a shared future.

National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day

Chocolate has a magical way of making everything better, and today is the day to test that theory. From strawberries to potato chips, the possibilities are endless. Gather your friends and family for a chocolate-dipping party and enjoy the sweet fun.

December 17

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers is observed on December 17th, advocating for the safety and rights of sex workers worldwide. It’s also a day to enjoy a sweet, sticky treat on National Maple Syrup Day. Don’t forget about Wright Brothers Day, commemorating the first successful powered flight in human history.

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

This day is an opportunity to stand against the stigma and violence faced by sex workers. It’s a call to action for respect and the protection of human rights for all individuals, regardless of their occupation.

National Maple Syrup Day

National Maple Syrup Day - December 2024 event, celebration, special holiday.

Pour on the sweetness with National Maple Syrup Day! Whether it’s over pancakes, waffles, or even ice cream, maple syrup is a deliciously versatile condiment that deserves to be celebrated.

Wright Brothers Day

The Wright Brothers forever changed the course of history with their pioneering flight. Take a moment to appreciate how far aviation has come since that day in 1903, and if you can, visit a local aviation museum to learn more.

December 18

As the month progresses, we observe International Migrants Day on December 18th, highlighting the contributions and resilience of migrants around the world. For food enthusiasts, it’s National Roast Suckling Pig Day, a time to enjoy this traditional feast often associated with celebrations and gatherings.

International Migrants Day

This day is a chance to reflect on the courage and contributions of migrants. It’s also a call to ensure the safety and rights of migrants, who often face challenging journeys and uncertain futures.

National Roast Suckling Pig Day

The roast suckling pig is a delicacy in many cultures, known for its tender meat and crispy skin. If you’re up for the challenge, try preparing this dish at home, or visit a restaurant that specializes in this festive meal.

UN Arabic Language Day

Celebrating linguistic diversity, UN Arabic Language Day recognizes the cultural and historical significance of the Arabic language. Take this opportunity to learn a few Arabic phrases or explore Arabic literature and poetry.

December 19

Look For An Evergreen Day on December 19th is a nod to the tradition of decorating evergreen trees during the holiday season. It’s also National Hard Candy Day, so why not treat yourself to some classic holiday sweets like peppermints or candy canes?

Look For An Evergreen Day

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree or simply taking a nature walk to admire the evergreens, today is a day to appreciate these symbols of enduring life.

National Hard Candy Day

Hard candies are a staple in many holiday traditions. Enjoy a piece of your favorite hard candy today, and perhaps share some with friends, family, or coworkers to spread a little holiday cheer.

National Oatmeal Muffin Day

Warm, wholesome, and hearty, oatmeal muffins are the perfect treat on a chilly December day. Bake a batch to enjoy with your morning coffee or as an afternoon snack.


Opalia is an ancient Roman festival dedicated to Ops, the goddess of fertility and abundance. While it’s not widely celebrated today, it’s an interesting piece of history to explore during this season of festivities.

December 20

International Human Solidarity Day is observed on December 20th, a day to celebrate our unity in diversity and a reminder of the importance of solidarity in achieving international agreements on social development and human rights. For those who love to sing, it’s also Go Caroling Day, so gather a group of friends and spread joy with traditional carols.

International Human Solidarity Day

In a world filled with diversity, solidarity is the thread that can bring us together. Use today to commit to acts of kindness and support for those in need, both locally and globally.

Go Caroling Day

Caroling is a heartwarming way to bring people together during the holidays. Bundle up, grab a songbook, and share the spirit of the season with your neighbors and community.

National Sangria Day

A refreshing glass of sangria is perfect for any festive occasion. Combine your favorite fruits with wine and a splash of brandy for a delightful holiday beverage.

December 21

The Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, falls on December 21st. It’s also a time for celebration in many cultures, with festivals like Yule and the Dōngzhì Festival in East Asia, marking the return of longer days.

Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the light that the future holds. Celebrate with a cozy night in, or join a local event that marks this astronomical phenomenon.


Yule is an ancient festival that celebrates the rebirth of the Sun. Today, many of its traditions have been incorporated into Christmas celebrations. Why not light a Yule log or decorate a Yule tree to honor this tradition?

Dōngzhì Festival

The Dōngzhì Festival is a time for family reunions and sharing a meal of tangyuan, sweet rice balls that symbolize togetherness. Participate in this tradition by preparing tangyuan at home or enjoying them at a local Chinese restaurant.

December 22

Forefathers’ Day commemorates the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock in 1620. It’s also National Date-Nut Bread Day, a chance to enjoy this sweet and nutty bread that’s perfect for the holiday season.

Forefathers’ Day

This day honors the bravery and determination of the Pilgrims who founded Plymouth Colony. Reflect on the history and the journey that shaped the beginnings of the United States.

National Date-Nut Bread Day

Date-nut bread is a delicious treat that’s easy to make and perfect for sharing. Bake a loaf and enjoy it with a cup of tea or coffee, or gift it to a friend or neighbor. Celebrate this and other April 2024 celebrations with those you care about.

National Mathematics Day

In India, National Mathematics Day honors the birth anniversary of the legendary mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. Celebrate by solving a math puzzle or learning about Ramanujan’s contributions to the field.

December 23

The day before Christmas Eve brings us Festivus, a secular holiday popularized by the TV show “Seinfeld,” known for its “Airing of Grievances” and “Feats of Strength.” It’s also National Pfeffernuesse Day, a time to savor these traditional German spice cookies.


For those who enjoy the quirkier side of the holidays, Festivus offers an alternative to the usual seasonal festivities. Gather around the Festivus pole, share a meal, and enjoy this unique tradition with friends and family.

National Pfeffernuesse Day

Pfeffernuesse cookies are a holiday favorite for many. Their spicy, peppery flavor is perfect for the season. Bake a batch to share, or enjoy them with a warm drink.

Night of the Radishes | Noche de Los Rábanos

In Oaxaca, Mexico, the Night of the Radishes is a traditional event where artisans carve elaborate scenes from radishes. It’s a unique and vibrant celebration that showcases incredible creativity and skill.

Roots Day | National Roots Day

Roots Day is a time to explore your heritage and learn more about your family history. Share stories with relatives, look through old photographs, or start building your family tree.

December 24

Christmas Eve is a day of anticipation and preparation for Christmas Day. Many families attend church services, enjoy special meals, and exchange gifts. It’s also National Eggnog Day, so why not indulge in this creamy, spiced holiday beverage?

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a magical time filled with traditions and warmth. Attend a midnight mass, enjoy a festive dinner, and cherish the time spent with loved ones.

National Eggnog Day

Eggnog is a classic holiday drink that’s rich, creamy, and wonderfully indulgent. Whether you make it from scratch or buy it ready-made, enjoy a glass of eggnog to celebrate the season.

December 25

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration for many around the world. Families gather to exchange gifts, share meals, and enjoy each other’s company. It’s also the start of The Twelve Days of Christmas, which run until January 5th. And for those who celebrate Jewish traditions, Hanukkah may also fall around this time, adding to the festive spirit.

image of a family during Christmas - December 2024 event, celebration, special holiday.


Merry Christmas! Today is a day of celebration, whether you’re attending a church service, opening presents under the tree, or simply enjoying a day of rest and reflection. Embrace the spirit of giving and spread love and kindness.

The Twelve Days of Christmas | Twelvetide

The Twelve Days of Christmas, also known as Twelvetide, are traditionally a time of continued celebration and observance. Each day has its own significance and traditions, so consider exploring these to extend the festive cheer.


Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, celebrates the miracle of the oil that lasted eight days. Light the menorah, play dreidel, and enjoy traditional foods like latkes and sufganiyot.

December 26

The day after Christmas brings several celebrations, including Boxing Day, primarily observed in the UK and Commonwealth countries, and Kwanzaa, which begins a week-long celebration of African-American culture. It’s also National Candy Cane Day, a sweet way to continue the holiday festivities.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a time for relaxation and sales shopping. It’s also a day for charity, so consider donating to those in need or volunteering your time.

Kwanzaa begins

Kwanzaa is a celebration of African-American culture, heritage, and values. Each day of Kwanzaa is dedicated to a specific principle, such as unity, self-determination, or collective work and responsibility. Embrace these values and learn more about this enriching cultural observance.

National Candy Cane Day

Candy canes are not just for decorating the tree; they’re a minty treat that’s perfect for the season. Enjoy a candy cane today, or use them in holiday recipes for a festive touch.

December 27

As December winds down, it’s Make Cut-out Snowflakes Day, a fun craft activity for all ages. It’s also National Fruitcake Day, a chance to enjoy this traditional holiday dessert that often gets a bad rap but can be quite delicious when made well.

Make Cut-out Snowflakes Day

Cutting out paper snowflakes is a delightful way to create winter magic, regardless of the weather outside. Grab some paper and scissors and see what beautiful designs you can create.

National Fruitcake Day

Love it or hate it, fruitcake is a holiday staple. If you’re a fan, savor a slice of this dense, fruity cake. If you’re not, maybe it’s time to give it another try—you might be surprised!

Sam Sharpe Day

In Jamaica, Sam Sharpe Day honors the national hero who fought for the end of slavery. It’s a day to remember his sacrifice and the importance of fighting for freedom and justice.

Visit the Zoo Day

The holiday season can be a great time to visit the zoo. Many zoos have special holiday events and displays, making it a festive outing for the whole family.

Wine Blessing Day

In Armenia, Wine Blessing Day is a celebration of the country’s rich winemaking tradition. It’s a perfect time to enjoy a glass of wine and appreciate the art of viticulture.

December 28

Childermas Day | Holy Innocents Day is a somber Christian feast day commemorating the massacre of children by King Herod in his attempt to kill the infant Jesus. On a lighter note, it’s also National Chocolate Candy Day, so indulge in your favorite chocolate treats.

Childermas Day | Holy Innocents Day

Childermas Day is a time to remember the innocent lives lost and reflect on the importance of protecting children everywhere. It’s a day of prayer and remembrance in the Christian calendar.

National Chocolate Candy Day

Chocolate candy comes in countless forms and flavors, and there’s no better day to enjoy them than today. Share some chocolate candies with friends or savor them yourself as a post-holiday treat.

Eat Vegetarian Day

After the indulgence of the holiday season, Eat Vegetarian Day encourages a lighter, plant-based approach to meals. Try out a new vegetarian recipe and discover the flavors and benefits of meatless dining.

December 29

National Get on the Scales Day is a lighthearted reminder to check in on our post-holiday weight. It’s also National Pepper Pot Day, celebrating a hearty stew known as “the soup that won the war,” credited with boosting the morale of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

National Get on the Scales Day

This day might bring a mix of trepidation and humor as we face the scales after holiday feasting. Remember, it’s all about balance and enjoying life’s pleasures in moderation.

National Pepper Pot Day

National Pepper Pot Day is an opportunity to enjoy this historic dish. Its rich flavors and warming qualities make it a perfect winter meal. Why not try making it at home? Celebrate this and other unique events worldwide.

December 30

Bacon Day is a celebration of one of the most beloved breakfast items. It’s also National Bicarbonate of Soda Day, honoring the versatility of baking soda in cooking, cleaning, and even personal care. In the Philippines, Rizal Day commemorates the life and works of José Rizal, a national hero.

Bacon Day

Bacon is a versatile ingredient that can enhance any meal, from breakfast to dinner. Celebrate Bacon Day by cooking up your favorite bacon-infused dishes or trying something new, like bacon-wrapped dates.

National Bicarbonate of Soda Day

Baking soda is a household staple with countless uses. Today, appreciate this humble ingredient by using it in a recipe, as a natural cleaner, or for its deodorizing properties.

Rizal Day

Rizal Day is a solemn day of remembrance in the Philippines, honoring the martyrdom of José Rizal. It’s a day to reflect on the values of patriotism and sacrifice.

December 31

New Year’s Eve is a global celebration marking the end of one year and the start of another. It’s a time for reflection, resolutions, and, of course, countdowns and fireworks. In Japan, Ōmisoka is observed, while in Scotland, Hogmanay Day kicks off a multi-day New Year’s celebration. And let’s not forget about the Universal Hour of Peace, an initiative for global harmony as the New Year approaches.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a festive conclusion to the year.