11 Long-Haired Dog Breeds That Will Make You Fall In Love With Their Fur


Long-haired dog breeds are available in all shapes and sizes and make an excellent companion, working or showing dogs .If you are looking for a new friend in life, there are many long-haired breeds of dogs to choose from.

Often, long-haired dog breeds require daily attention, something to keep in mind if you are considering taking a pooch from one of the long-haired small dog breeds or one of the long-haired dog breeds. Some of the well-known hairy breeds include the Collie, the Shetland sheepdog and the Old English sheep dog.

While they will bring much beauty and joy in your house, remember, raising long-haired dog breeds is not a very easy task.
Friendly, obedient and always happy, these cute & sweet long-haired dogs with extremely long fur are constantly at the top of the list of top canine family members. Here are some of them:

1. Shitzu

2.Portuguese water dog

3. Afghan Hound

4. Yorkshire Terrier

5. Ihasa Apso

6. Pyrenean Shepherd

pyreen sheepdog

7. American Eskimo Dog

8. Bergamasco


9. Belgian Sheepdog

Belgian sheepdog

10. Briard

11.  King Charles Spaniel



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