15 Funny Kids Memes That Prove That Babies Are The True Rulers of Our World


If only childhood was a big soap bubble, wouldn’t you like to just live inside it forever. To stay in this bubble of happiness, games, laughter; not to worry about work, credits, health issues, plans, projects, tomorrow… To have fun and be happy in a bubble that never pops? To be taken care of and often dictate the rules at home like a true boss?

The following funny memes hilariously reveal bits and pieces from the children’s secret life survival tactics; their growth mindset; their  wildly imaginative world in which they are the bosses.

1. They are able to uncover the truth
funny baby memes children 2. Know how to manage and control people around themfunny baby memes children 3. They have mastered the art of leading a war on their parents or are just experts in making  pranksfunny baby memes children 4. They cannot be trickedfunny baby memes children 5. Babies know how to pressure for the implementation of serious measures funny baby memes children 6. Have brave hearts and strong fistsfunny baby memes children 7. Know the true meaning of work-life balancefunny baby memes children 8. Know how to set priorities in life and manage their timefunny baby memes children 9. Although they might have their bad days from time to time funny baby memes children 10. They are always pulling the strings

funny baby memes children

11. They are great at impersonating heroes

funny baby memes children

12. They make the call and render the verdictfunny baby memes children 13. Always keep their eyes wide open for trapsfunny baby memes children 14. Are skeptical by nature, know how to evaluate each situation funny baby memes children 15. They know what they want and how to get it funny baby memes children

Bonus 16. Know how to give orders

baby meme


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