True Positivity & Perseverance With New Personal Development Report From Mohamadi Tapsoba

If you’re an aspiring business professional who’s ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the commercial landscape, and felt yourself sinking into doubt, Mohamadi Tapsoba will turn that all around.

Mohamadi Tapsoba’s personal and professional success journey after attending the 2016 Bob Proctor Carnegie Hall event is absolutely inspiring! Check it out today! Go to for more info.

TAW Media Group, a full-service digital media agency with offices in New York and New Jersey, has released a report that endorses the value of positivity and perseverance in the world of business. The report comes as a result of an event TAW Founder and CEO Mohamadi Tapsoba attended that featured Bob Proctor, author of the New York Times best-selling book “You Were Born Rich”, and a meeting with search marketing expert Mike Long.

Founded by contemporary success story Mohamadi Tapsoba, TAW, (which stands for The African Way), Media Group is a leader in full-stack digital marketing and digital media services. The company released a report that reminds you perseverance and hard work, paired with a positive, “never say no” attitude, can open many doors for you, and lead to your greatest dreams.

The report gives you a peek into Mohamadi Tapsoba’s journey from Burkina Faso in West Africa, a country that plunged into civil war during Tapsoba’s university studies, to his arrival in Yonkers, New York, and his eventual business prosperity.

You’ll learn that Tapsoba came to the US with neither savings nor a student visa and began working in a sneaker store while planning the next phase of his life and his career. A chance free ticket to a presentation by acclaimed self-help author Bob Proctor led to a meeting with search marketing specialist Mike Long. Future discussions facilitated a mentorship that catapulted Tapsoba into the business capacity he enjoys today. When you stay open to what life hands you, that’s when life begins!

The collaboration with Long led to Tapsoba hosting his own internet marketing event in Orlando, Florida, solidifying his position as a leader within the marketing and public relations industry. When you put faith in yourself and in your colleagues, great things can happen.

While most digital marketing agencies focus squarely on data-driven strategies to reach desired goals, TAW Media Group also prioritizes a positive mindset and a clear vision. Tapsoba and his team guide and inspire you, empowering you to reach your goals through innovative, multiplatform marketing plans rooted in distinctly brand-aligned content that distinguishes you from the crowd.

Specialists in branding, social media marketing, website and app development and influencer marketing management, TAW Media Group works with organizations in the non-profit and issues management sector, as well as a range of commercial enterprises. They can help you too!

With the launch of their recent report, TAW Media Group hopes to inspire you to pursue your dreams and envision your goals. If you’re having difficulty finding your path within your industry, the team at TAW Media Group are here to help.

Are you ready to take your first steps toward unimagined success? Visit  so you can find out more.


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