12 Most Hilarious And Ridiculous Questions From Mumbai Mirror Sexpert Column

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If all the questions we found on Mumbai Mirror sexpert column are true, then India is having some serious sexual issues.

For those who don’t know, ‘MM sexpert column’ is a Q&A session where you find all those bizarre, funny, and ridiculous questions asked by stupid people and an 88-year-old doctor advises them with useful tips.

Many of the questions seem to be weird and made-up too but it’s still worth reading those sharp and witty responses from the old man, Dr. Mahinder Watsa.

From ‘man cheating on his wife with goat’ to ‘wife cheating on her husband with servant’, here are some of the most hilarious questions ever asked. Enjoy!

1. This man who set a new record in the Limca Book Of Records.

Mumbai Mirror column


2. Black man + white man + Indian + Chinese = ?

ridiculous question Mahinder Watsa


3. 220 strokes in 40 minutes, did you seriously count?

Mumbai Mirror Sexpert Mahinder Watsa


4. This man who loves flashing his hairy chest to women.

Mumbai Mirror Sexpert Mahinder Watsa


5. This woman who is confused about the father of her baby.

woman cheats Mahinder Watsa


6. Yes, sack the servant. And if you are neglecting your wife you’ll only get this.

worst husband Mahinder Watsa


7. Two at the same time, but how on earth is this even possible?

stupid question Mahinder Watsa


8. Weirdest of all! PETA will throw you in jail.

Mumbai mirror funny Mahinder Watsa


9. This teen who has a weird idea to cure acne.

acne problem Mahinder Watsa


10. Many people have tried, but only a few of them succeeded. Dude, you have to be super flexible.

girl problem Mahinder Watsa


11. This 32-year-old man who thought of cheating on his wife with goat. Yes, ask Ramila.

man cheating Mahinder Watsa


12. Probably the best of all!

Mumbai Mirror Sexpert question Mahinder Watsa



best questions Mahinder Watsa