17 Most Hilarious And Unfortunate Ad Placements From India

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Companies spent a huge amount of money and put much effort to come up with interesting and catchy advertisements to promote their brands. However, they don’t always realize how important is the ad placement for a smart advertising.

These advertisers did not give a second thought while putting up their ads or billboards and they failed so hard.

So what  did they do instead? They placed their ads at inappropriate locations and the results are not only hilarious but awkward too.

1. SpiceJet: 1 ; Indian Railways: 0

Unfortunate Ad Placements


2. This TATA Indica’s advertising slogan is not only wrong, but they also put the ad at the wrong place – Delhi Metro.



3. Manforce coffee for differently abled? Wait, that isn’t just a coffee…

Unfortunate Ad Placements


4. Delhi Metro never disappoints us.

Unfortunate Ad Placements

Image: The DailyMoss


5. When Delhi Metro wanted old and physically challenged to appreciate art and watch Rang Rasiya for self pleasure and fun.

Delhi Metro ad


6. Join The Indian Navy and get killed at mishap? Oops!

Indian Navy


7. ‘Pak Taliban vows to attack Indians anywhere’, ‘Father strangled kids’…Good Day

TOI newspaper


8. Would you like to learn swimming here? It’s open for all.

Adplacement wrong


9. Aahhh…this garbage smells so good!

“Wah…kya khushboo hai”



10. Blackberry – uncool or symbol of action? That’s really confusing! You decide.



11. Nike’s tag line doesn’t go well if put at public places like this. Yes, just do it!



But please stop urinating on public walls.



12. Kingfisher Airlines smartly placed this billboard and they won.



13. Pepsi did it right! Everywhere.



14. ‘Poor truck’



15. This tubewell hand pump provides free Coca Cola. LOL…



16. That day when SnapDeal trolled Flipkart and this happened.



17. This Coca Cola’s ‘thirsty girl’ ad looks so indecent if you have uncontrollable naughty mind. 🙂



‘Umm…Let me drink it all.’


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