10 Funny Kings Cup Rules For Pursuing Happiness & Self-Destruction


Are you a fan of the King’s cup game? Are you looking for a new set of rules that can really break the ice at any party?

Here are some new and  super funny rules suggested by Reddit users.

They can make any Circle of Death more exciting, funnier  and the whole group of participants increasingly drunker.


*Basic King’s Cup Rules: 

Not sure how to play this drinking game? You’re in luck. We’ve created a list of rules that will make your next game of Kings Cup not only memorable but also hilarious.
– Each player is given a cup, half filled with water and the other half full of their favorite alcoholic drink
– Players take turns picking up the cards on the table and reading them aloud one at a time
– When a card is read, the person who reads it chooses someone to drink based on what the card says
– For example, if you are holding the “Drink If You Have Had Sex” card, you would need to choose someone who has had sex that night or choose yourself to drink
– The cards are then shuffled and dealt out again for another round.

1. My friends and I love doing three word sentences. It gets very Neanderthalic with lots of pointing and grunts. Usually when someone slips up, we say “Drink face off.” Makes for some interesting banter.  – Jartresto


2. Since the universally-hated Little Green Man (explained in other posts) often gets brought out among my friends, I came up with an addendum: if you catch another person breaking that rule—drinking without removing their green man—you can grab your own green man and add him to the offender’s cup. This frees you from the green man rule for the rest of the game, and the person who messed up now has to remove two green men every time. me. –Maximillien

 3. Every time you target someone (like in a two/you situation) you must touch the person’s chin, look dreamily into their eyes, and ask politely for them to drink.  –Kelpbites


4. My go-to rule has always been if you say someones name, you have to take off an article of clothing. The more you drink, the harder it gets. The harder it gets, the more naked everyone gets.  – Tmelee

5. If I’m trying to get everyone drunk, then my favorite is Guess a Suit. It’s exactly as it sounds. Before you lift the card, take a guess as to what suit it is. If you’re right, you make someone drink. If you’re wrong, then you drink. If you forget, then you drink twice or finish your drink, depending on how sober I am when I pick up the king.– Hell_in_a_shell


6. No one is allowed to speak in first person. After one round, it gets pretty interesting.  – Master9505

7. Going in a circle, you make up a nickname for the person to your left. You can only call people by their new nicknames for the rest of the game. Use their real name and you drink. Shit gets out of hand because no one remembers the nicknames, so people drink constantly.–  Nodaybut_today


8. Dictator – lick a card, stick it to your forehead. as long as it remains stuck, you can make or ignore any and all rules. – Buck_13


9. Whenever you talk you need to include “I’ll tell you what” in the sentence. – TeTrodoToxin4


 10. Whenever you drink you must do an over the top cheers/toast with anyone else who has to.  – TeTrodoToxin4


The end result