When You See These 10 Funny EMS Memes You Will Be Laughing & Crying At The Same Time


When you were a young, did you dream of becoming a cop to catch “the bad guys” and put them in jail?

Did you pretend that you are an ambulance driver?  A paramedic saving the live of your sister’s doll?

Did you play with firetruck toys?

Many boys did… but many realized that they were meant to do something else in their lives.

Some of those grown-up boys still cherish their childhood dreams so much that they play with  meme generators to commemorate it.

Here are some of the funniest results of their work.

1. EMS donations

2. Stay cool in fire

3. EMS Superpowers

4. No one bats an eye.

5. Nature’s calling.

6. That’s John, my boy!

7.  Contemplating life

8. Unique approach

9. Those guys are hot

10. When you grow up 


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