‘Biharis Are Labourers’, And 8 Other Stereotypes Indians Have Among Each Other

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We have always been proud to be a great nation. We chant the slogan “Unity In Diversity”. We say India is rich in culture with different languages, food habit, amazing custom and tradition, and what not. But, unfortunately, we are also in the land of stereotypes. We are surrounded by many misinterpretations. So, isn’t it a big contradiction? I think it is. Let’s accept it and try to break it.

We have heard about different kind of stereotypes. Here is yet another very silly stereotype Indian people have in their mind – “Stereotyping jobs we do”.

1. If we see a watchman or security guard, he should be a Nepali and no one else.

This is exactly what comes in your mind when you see them. Heights of stereotype.


2. Whenever you see a labourer or a mechanic, you always refer to him as Bihari. Don’t you?

If you think so, you are culturally less educated. If facts are to be believed, many IAS and IPS officers in India are from Bihar. You will probably  fail to compete with them when it comes to hard work.


3. One ridiculous question every girl from North-East is sick of hearing. ‘Do you work in spa?’

That is not enough? And some idiots think they work only in call centers.


4. And Sardars are always associated with ‘taxi driver’ and other jobs where physical fitness is more important than knowledge.

OK, that’s why you hardly see a Sardar begging on the road. I hope you understand what I am trying to convey here.


5. Do auto and rickshaw drivers come only from UP? Many people think so.

India is one country where we discriminate each other based on the jobs we do.  We fail to understand that everyone’s work is important.


6. Shopkeepers  = Marwadis

If there is an SMS joke about shopkeeper, you will definitely find a Marwadi as a main character. But why?


7. Oh..that police constable! he is from Haryana. Is it written on his forehead?

I don’t know from where this stereotype comes, but some people think that way.


8. And Maharashtrians are always portrayed as housemaids.

Media is somehow responsible for the stereotypes we have.


9. Malayalis –  Cononut tree climbers or fishermen

Blame our Hindi film industry for this. Bollywood, when you will stop stereotyping South Indians?


(A community post by The DailyMoss reader)