These 10 Snarky Xmas Memes Will Ruin That Annoying Goddamn Holiday Spirit


How about Grumpy Cat with a Santa Hat this Holiday season? If you’re tired of jingle-goddamn-bells, fat happy Santas and other punchable Christmas cliches, you’ll appreciate this list of 10 sarcastic, irreverent, or downright malevolent Xmas memes!

1. Feels familiar?

xmas meme 1

2. Silent night is never silent…

xmas meme 2

3. … and that’s not Santa’s sack!

xmas meme 3

4. Santa keeps the rich rich and the poor ungifted.

xmas meme 4

5. Better not say it.

xmas meme 5

6. And Santa, please don’t mess with the wrong people…

xmas meme 6

7. … just don’t.

xmas meme 7

8. Which one are you?

xmas meme 8

9. That’s pretty accurate.

xmas meme 11

10. And a final warning:

xmas meme 10

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