12 Funny Offensive Memes That Will Make You Laugh But Spare Nobody’s Feelings


What are the most tasteless jokes you have ever heard? Do you have a favorite politically incorrect meme?

Many people like dark humor. For all those DailyMoss readers who do not get easily offended and like such jokes, we give you 12 funny offensive memes. Remember, there is nothing personal in the following hilarious images.

Read them and share them with a friend, tease them a little bit and enjoy a good laugh.

1. Stop shaking the ladder.funny offensive memes

2.  The disease is gone.funny offensive memes

3. We donated all your presents.funny offensive memes

4. I’ve been sober for like 40 days. funny offensive memes

5. I lost my virginity. funny offensive memes

6. I’d like to have some chili. funny offensive memes

7. Sirt that is bleach. funny offensive memes

8. Smoking doesn’t make you cool.funny offensive memes

9. Truth or dare?funny offensive memes

10. To the man cave at 3 am. funny offensive memes

11. Hitting it from the backfunny offensive memes

12.What do you do for fun?

funny offensive memes