15 Reasons You Should Stop Lying And Start Being Honest


Everyone knows the legends of King Harishchandra and Gandhiji – honesty and non-lying. While many may have mocked them for their undying attempt to stick to honesty, here are some advantages to following this practice.

1. Mark of genuinity

A person who has a reputation of being honest all the time gains the trust of others. So when they say something, people take it for granted that it will be the truth.



2. Shows courage

It is very easy to lie and hide your mistakes but it takes a lot of courage to brave up and confess. So next time you are thinking of taking the easy way out, don’t!



3. Role model

One should always practice what one preaches. If you want your children to learn about honesty, then you have to lead by example.


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4. Gentle the blow

Truth can be bitter at times. Practicing honesty means you have excellent people skills and can convey the worst news in a gentle manner.



5. Be matured

Sometimes telling the truth can mean that it will rock the boat of your relationship. However, those who follow this practice are also matured enough to deal with the problems rather than running away from it.



6. Stick to the story

It is definitely to your advantage to be honest since you don’t have to keep track of the different stories you have told different people. You have one story and you maintain it!



7. Safety net

People feel safe confiding their secrets to a person who is honest. At least they will get an honest opinion on their issues and be assured that their secrets are not leaked.



8. No guilt conscience

How many times have you felt guilty when you have hid your mistake and someone else had to suffer? When you are honest at all times you have nothing to feel guilty about.



9. Like people attract

If you are an honest person, you will attract others who have similar traits. When your life is full of such people it is nice knowing that you don’t have to worry about hidden agendas.



10. Sign of confidence

Only a person truly comfortable in their own skin can be honest all the time. It shows their confidence and high self-esteem.


11. Sense of freedom

For anyone who has been living in this world of lies, deceit and manipulation, practicing honesty can be a freeing experience. It feels great to break all limitations and fears that prevent you from telling the truth.


12. Meaningful relationships

When your partner knows that there are no lies separating you two, your relationship will have more meaning. The love that stems from security and trust is very deep.



13. A healthy affair

Lying has often been associated with health issues due to the constant anxiety and stress. If you are honest, then chances are that you will have less anxiety and fatigue.



14. Test of friendship

You know that the friends that you have are there with you because they love and accept the real person that you are. These relations are so much better than the artificial ones.



15. Addressing problems

Most small issues grow up to become problems of huge proportions just because someone hid the initial mistake. But if you are honest, when you make a mistake then a stitch in time can save nine!