10 Things Only A Girl Who Likes Cricket Will Understand


The Gentleman’s game is not reserved for men. There are numerous girl-fanatics of the game, to whom it is not easy to be what they are. Here’s something you would totally understand if you are one such girl:

1. You looked for a cricket team in every school or college, and mostly get disappointed.

There will be a basketball team, football team, and even boxing team for girls. But finding a women’s cricket team in college or school level is nearly impossible.



2.  Those gully cricket memories! Your childhood has had many such days when your parents or grandparents drilled you for playing gully cricket with your street guys.



3. Remember that ‘swag’ moment when you taught your friends basics? You felt like a genius when you explain to your friends which is offside and which leg side is.



4. You enjoy every piece of the game! That moment when Laxman hits a fine, elegant stroke and you exclaim “What a beautiful shot!”

And your non-fanatic (let us call them ‘cricket muggles’ hereon) friends give you a look, because all that they see is a ball hitting a bat and rushing towards the boundary.


5. The irritating player-loving friends: Nothing can irritate you more than a friend who admires a player with a bad game just because she finds him cute. “Watch the game. Not the player”


6. You really know the beauty of test matches. Usually you get to watch test matches alone, because none of your cricket muggle friends can put up with 5 day long ball-bat stuff.

You often give lectures to them on how T20 lacks the charm of the game unlike Test matches.


7. You are tired of those sexist comments on watching cricket. “You are a girl and you watch cricket?” A few people say this with a ‘What?’ in the beginning and a few with a ‘Wow!’ at the end.



8. And then there are endless debates. You prefer debating on Dhoni or Ganguly as to who is the best captain than discussing which Kapoor is more handsome.



9. You had Parents- Permission- Problems. Though you would want to watch every match from the stadium, your parents know how impractical it is. Your cricket muggle friends never ask you for a trip suggestion, because they know what they will get in reply.


10. But It is a different world altogether. You know MRF is not just a tyre manufacturer, and Mongoose is not just an animal.


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After all, cricket has given new meanings to your life, hasn’t it?