18 Times Tumblr Made My Mind Blown To Bits


There are simple questions, normal questions, and then there are mind blowing questions and things that people say. Here are 18 times where Tumblr posts made me question my sanity. Share it with me.

1. What if we are just simulations?

2. This actually makes sense 😮

3. I could live with this idea

4. Too deep for dildo-fuckstorm apparently

5. This made me sad actually

6. Well if you put it that way…

7. Please don’t ruin my childhood

8. Women know how to make the perfect murder

9. English is weird

10. The brain named itself too

11. It now makes sense

12. Purghaps!

13. You are all great content, friends

14. My mind hurts

15. Very intimate

16. And you can move them individually too

17. People used to think in actions….??

18. RIP