13 Of The Most Oddest Jobs In India You Won’t Believe Exist

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You think you have landed up in a bad job? Think about it. You are too lucky because you don’t at least smell sh*t to get paid. You might be working in odd hours, or you might be having an irritating boss who you always like to punch, but if you seriously think about what these people do for living, you will feel really blessed.

Nobody wants to clean someone’s ear for living, right? But for some sad reason, these unluckily people accidentally and helplessly took up these weird professions to survive. Let’s all appreciate these hard-working people and it’s also important for us to know that weird professions actually exist in India.

1. Gravedigger

What they do: Everytime when someone dies, they dig graves and help the corpses to rest perfectly in the pit. That’s not enough, they also take out bones from the graves.




2. Roadside dentist




3. Sewage cleaner, probably the worst job in the world

What they do: Take of their shirts, booze up a bit, and dive into the dirty drains and clean up everything. No other jobs in India can be deadly as this.




4. Roadside ear cleaner

They examine people’s ear, use a long brass pick, and then clean the ear wax completely. Tough job!


Source: Youtube/WildFilmsIndia


5. Bird Deterrents: Flag waver

In some hotels in Jaipur, people are hired to scare off pigeons from the hotel’s fountain using flags which have crossed-out bird sign.


Source: theepochtimes


6. Manual scavenging: Toilet cleaners

They are mostly done by Dalits. They clean human excrement from toilets of India’s higher-caste families using their bare hands. It stinks, and it’s illegal too.


Source: LiveMint


7. Professional mourners

Haven’t heard of this before? Yes, it exists. In some parts of Rajasthan, women are hired as mourners to cry and mourn out loud during funerals. It’s an old custom, but quietly odd.




8. Laughter therapists

They help people who forgot how to laugh in their lives. Quiet interesting! Laugh out people, it’s good for health.




9. Snake charmer

Everyone knows what snake charming is. Charmer plays flute, king cobra dances! It’s considered art, but it’s dying. According to a report by Newscientist, around 46,000 people die in India each year from snakebites. Why? Because they visit snake charmer instead of visiting doctor.




10. Fortune teller – with a parrot

Your future now all depends on this parrot! A smart parrot decides your fate by pulling out a card and tells exactly when you are going to die. Seriously? This is why I don’t like parrots.




11. Electrician: Not too odd in other countries, but in India, it’s dangerous. Especially, when you face a situation like this…




12. Laundrymen

Known as Dhobi Ghats, they do take care of all the laundry in places like Mumbai.




13. Doorman

Can you stand for 9 hours a day and open the doors for 1,000 people? This is what they do everyday. So, next time when you visit a showroom and the doorman opens the door for you,  say ‘thanks’ to him.