15 Ironic Yet Freaking Hilarious Moments That Prove the Universe Works In A Mysterious Way


We searched the web and gathered some extremely hilarious examples of irony.

What do you think of them?  Irony or just coincidence? Check for yourself.

1. This sign that doesn’t stand to its word

2. This truck that isn’t certain what it’s carrying 

3. This prisoner transport

4. A tour of the zoo

5.  Dilemma?

6. This warning

7. The best choice of a tattoo

8. A very patriotic piece of cake

9. A train wagon for ladies

10. This invisible spray

11. This stone

12. The place where you submit your resume

13. Stop struggling

14. Some crocks eating crocks

15. A well-planned design

16. Some very fresh bakery products

17. An anti-chewing spray

18. The right way of keeping your hands clean

19. A man who is serious about fasting

20. This look of the mother

21. A job that was well done

22. A present for a two or three-year-old kid

23. Stunning literacy improvement

24. A soldier seeking freedom

25. Sure they can

26. Certificate of obedience

27. No parking


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