20 Wholesome Memes That Are For All Ages


There are a lot of memes out there that are not safe for work and children, especially not for your parents (or you’ll get a big beating LOL). But times have changed. Here are 20 wholesome memes you can safely share to everyone!

1. Awww yeaaaah!

2. I want a seal to be my friend too

3. Now it makes sense

4. Awesome, man!

5. I want a friend too *cries*

6. And pet us please

7. You are awesome

8. He even gave him the larger half

9. I love dogs

10. And you are awesome!

11. *Kiss*

12. That is a very good dog

13. You can do anything you put your mind into

14. A well deserved treat

15. Are you cozy right now?

16. Just raise your head and smile

17. Going after you, friends!

18. What a very nice hamster

19. Because sleep will make you healthy

20. I care for your well being