Animals Riding Other Animals Is The Best Thing Ever


Humans are known for riding all types of big animals, either for transportation or entertainment. But have you ever seen animals riding other animals? I bet you haven’t yet. And you are about to now!

1. This cute monkey riding a dog

2. This cat riding a pig

3. Squirrel hanging out with his pal

4. Penguin chilling with his friend dolphin

5. This cute donkey with his cat

6. This rooster who loves his kitten

7. Cow and his best friends

8. Praying mantis asking for a ride

9. Even bears deserve to ride majestic horses too

10. Snake transit used by snails lol

11. Lizards love cats too

12. And these lemurs and their friend goat

13. Show me the meaning of haste

14. We’ve seen a snail ride a snake, now it’s a frog riding a snail lol

15. What a cute pair

16. After a tiring day

17. He doesn’t know how to react I bet

18. There was a cockroach on the ground

19. What a floofy pillow, right?

20. A disney princess