20 Highly Offensive Cards Against Humanity Draws LOL


Turn back now if you are easily offended, because when it comes to Cards Against Humanity everything is offensive. It is racist, homophobic, makes rape jokes, sex jokes, and everything that will make conservatives pray all day and all night long. LOL

1. This is very offensive lol

2. Well, that’s what Cards Against Humanity is about

3. It’s all about making fun of everyone

4. And disrespecting everything

5. Sometimes it hits the nail spot on

6. Even grandma is not safe LOL

7. OMG

8. Dad has his priorities right

9. That’s like jailbreaking lol

10. That’s really gross to think about

11. *facepalm*

12. See what I mean? CAH keeps on giving

13. Heh, BBC

14. Truly worthless if he stops an orgy.

15. Wincest!

16. Uh oh, that’s too soon

17. This one went too far LOL

18. Tbh I won’t hide that from my children

19. God didn’t want us to enjoy

20. HAHA because Oedipus f*cked his mom