10 Beautiful Life-Changing Book Quotes That Can Shift Your Core Beliefs


The following beautiful quotes are so powerful, they can shift your mindset so that you can be more effective and enjoy a happier and more fulfilling life. They are guaranteed to challenge the way you think about life or yourself. May they serve you well – and offer you the necessary boost that will allow you to not only get through the day but move to another higher level in your life.


Dream bigthink big and achieve big! , says the author of The Magic of Thinking Big.

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“One of the rules of the mind is that feelings will ALWAYS overcome logic as they are so much more powerful, so it stands to reason we have to change the feelings rather than the logic. We have to change the feelings that make you hold back and fear taking risks or taking action. This is exactly what you are going to learn to do. By changing the feelings about putting yourself forward, being the centre of attention or speaking to strangers, those actions will cease to be a worry to you and you will find you can enjoy them.” – Marisa Peer in Ultimate Confidence: The Secrets to Feeling Great About Yourself Every Day




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“By nature we have all the intelligence in our human body. Thedifficulty is we strongly believe we are limited. We have been conditioned to think that we have only limited capabilities, that ‘we cannot…’ so we have forgotten how to use
these capabilities. And because of this, we are not tuned to the technique to tap into all the dimensions of our being.

– HDH Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivoham, in the book Living Enlightenment



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“Just like a single cell, the character of our lives is determined not by our genes but by our responses to the environmental signals that” – Bruce Lipton in The Biology of Belief



Wisdom From The Surrender Experiment & The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

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Insights From The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

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“The people making you feel guilty for going your own way and choosing your own life are simply saying, ‘Look at me. I’m better than you because my chains are bigger.’ It takes courage to break those chains and define your own life.” So dare to live your precious days on Earth to their fullest, true to yourself, with open heart and thoughtful mind, and with the courage to change what doesn’t work and accept the consequences. You may find that you can fly farther than you ever imagined.”
― Vishen Lakhiani, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind 



Favorite Quote From The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

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“Change is a powerful word and it is completely feasible, if you choose it. When”
― Joe Dispenza in Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind. 


From Conversations With God by Niel Donald Walsch

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